Here’s what some of my telegram recipients have been saying lately!

Katie delivered a gorilla telegram to someone in our office today and we all got to watch. It was AWESOME!!


Brooke Norlin

Saw a telegram be delivered

She wrote a song for my boyfriend from our two daughters and it was just perfect!!


Brittany Kingsley

Sent a singing telegram

Got a singing telegram today! IT WAS AWESOME!!ย ๐Ÿ™‚ย Really creative lyrics and great delivery, thanks Katie!


Jordan Rogers

Received a singing telegram

Katie Kautzmann did such an amazing job today for the telegram I purchased!!! I was trying to hold the video camera, her lyrics and was shedding tears all at the same time and even better than that Mark had a tear too! I HIGHLY recommend her for any occasion or un-occasion.


Andrea Ladner

Sent a Telegram/Received a Telegram


I had never thought about sending a singing telegram, but when I heard of this I figured it was the perfect gift for my husband who already has everything he wants. It was quite the surprise for him and the friends we had over… So much fun, and very creative. Can’t wait to send another to someone!


Chantylle Garcia

Sent a Telegram


I thought she did an outstanding job. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to give a gift like this as a surprise.


Rich Berg

Received a Telegram

Katie did a video gram for my boyfriend for our anniversary and it was awesome. I would do another video gram in a heart beat and if she still lived in Fairmont, MN I would have her do a live singing telegram ๐Ÿ™‚


Bridget Ann Meyer

Sent/Received a Video-Gram

I ordered a singing telegram for a friend who is a teacher. The timing of delivery was perfectly prompt, which was important since my friend had a small window of time between classes. Katie was able to take her different interests and put them into a really great and unique song just for her! My friend loved her unexpected surprise at work and so did all of her students and coworkers. I would l highly recommend Katie’s Singing Telegrams ๐Ÿ™‚


Jessica Wells

Sent a Telegram