Below you’ll find samples of the songs available from Katie’s Singing Telegrams.  Some can even be customized for the recipient.  Find the perfect song to send to someone you care about.


Give a gift they’ll never forget…a custom birthday song from Katie’s Singing Telegrams.  Your loved one will be caught totally off guard with a custom birthday song just for them.  It’s sure to be the gift they talk about most!


The happy couple will love receiving a singing telegram in honor of their love.  They are sure to reminisce about this quirky and thoughtful gift for many years to come.


Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas, Appreciation Days and everything in between are celebrated better with a singing telegram from Katie.  Spread holiday cheer with a surprise musical visit your friends and family will never forget.

Any Day

Is someone you know going through a rough patch?  Cheer them up with a lighthearted singing telegram that is sure to bring a smile to their face.  Does someone you know nearly faint from boredom at their job?  Liven things up with a visit from Katie!  Want to surpise a friend, just for fun?  Katie’s Singing Telegrams are great for any day of the week.

Party Time! Birthdays are ALWAYS a great time for singing telegrams. Check out Katie’s birthday song that can be specially customized for the person receiving it! Things like names, details, funny stories or memories are perfect to include in the information section at the Store so that the birthday song that is delivered brings all the smiles and laughter you want!

Want to REALLY bring in the holiday season? Send someone a Holiday Telegram! Katie will have fun constumes and songs ready for every holiday season whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Secretary’s Day, Groundhog day, St Patrick’s Day…you get the picture. Check out this sample Mother’s Day Song here!


Mother's Day Song | Holiday Example

by Katie's Singing Telegrams

Don’t you hate bad days? Why not turn someone’s frown upside-down with a special ‘Bad Day’ song? You can also use this song for any random days that need a little extra ‘umph’ or excitement. Click on this song to check out a great way to spread some smiles around! Be sure to include specific information about the person receiving this song in The Store so Katie can customize the song and help make their day better!

Looking for a special song to say, “Happy Anniversary?” Select this original song to make your romantic day even more sentimental!

Check out two of our MANY Valentine’s Day songs! Among your options this year are these three sweet ones, a Pick-Up Line song, and even an Anti-Valentine’s Day song!